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Spirit Feather 

By Sally Smiles

A Shamanic Healer working with Plant Spirit Medicine,

Medicine Music and the Celtic Way

Welcome to Spirit Feather. a place to heal, grow and deepen your connection with yourself and the beauty around you. Rooted in this land is the wisdom of our home, our Mother, our Teacher, our Healer. Allow yourself to be loved, empowered and shine your light through her medicine. 

I offer workshops, ceremonies, healing and song to help you walk the path of your healing journey.

Let us grow together.





Workshops & Ceremonies

Come and be a part of our Workshops and Ceremonies where we honor the self and empower the soul. 

Working mostly with the medicine of this land, we call to the truth in us, to the acceptance we can come to in order to free ourselves of trauma and live in a space of unconditional love. 

Through Plant Spirit Medicine, Medicine Music and the guidance of Spirit, we can learn from each other and grow together 


Womens Winter Medicine Retreat

24th November 10-5pm

The Bisley Yurt

A special day for Women to connect with the medicine of this time of year. A deeply healing day honoring our own rhythms and delving within for inspiration and guidance,,,,

Healing the Heart and Empower the Soul

23rd February 2020 12:30-6.30pm

The Bisley Yurt

Join us on a journey to heal the heart and empower the soul. Gently release that which hinders us from living in our hearts and bring forth the voice of our higher selves for oneness and guidance...

Winter Letting Go Ceremony: The Shedding of the Old

25th Janruary 12:30-6.30pm

The Bisley Yurt

A ceremony for letting go of that which no longer serves us, opening space for the new. Allow the fire, the plant spirits and channelled healing music to bring into creation the alignment of your path....

Songs of the Plants

30th November 10-5pm

Caer Corhrain Shamanic Centre

Come and take a journey into the spirit world of the plants as we surrender ourselves to their ancient wisdom and healing ways. Bring forth the plant which holds the medicine for you at this time...

The Empowered Self: Embody your Inner Light

28th March 12:00-6.30pm

The Bisley Yurt

A day of empowerment and aligning ourselves with our soul's purpose. Listen to the whispers of our hearts, hear our soul's song and embody the light within. Release the barriers of doubt and become your own healer

Sally offers one to one sessions for those who are called to healing themselves. 

Through Shamanic healing, we can deeply work to the root cause of what needs healing t0 create space for you to grow, begin to move freely and empower your soul. For more information on healing with Sally...

One to One with Sally