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About Sally 

Sally is a Shamanic Healer dedicated to empowering people to walk their spiritual path and healing journey, helping them to enjoy and honor their relationship with the medicine of this land that surrounds them. She is passionate about creating the space for you to learn directly from Spirit and regularly holds workshops, ceremonies and talks, as well as 1 to 1 healing sessions, to encourage and facilitate this natural and beautiful right we all have. 

Her strongest connection is with Music, Plant Spirit Medicine, the Seasons and the Elements, all underpinned with her own ancestral traditions within the Celtic Medicine Wheel and Ways. She works too with the Sacred Feminine and helping anyone to discover their natural intuitive abilities, understanding we are all healers.

Sally is currently embarking on a period of deep connection with our native land  and travelling through forests, hillsides, sacred places and more to hear the songs of mother earth and our ancestors, bringing their voices to those who are in need of their medicine. She believes that she is in service to bringing these voices to the consciousness and to honor the spirit of our land. 

To Contact Sally for workshops, personal healing or any questions please email sally@spiritfeather.co.uk or use the contact page on this website

With Love xx