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Welcome to Creative Corner!

Here you will find the creative flow, the mixing of poetry, art, stories, songs and such. 

This page is for anyone who would like to contribute....so you are most welcome to contact me to have your creation on the page. 

The commitment is to embracing creativity and allowing yourself the space to be free.

Some things are for sale, some things are not. Some things are just meant to be for a moment and some will stay. 

Wonder, explore, inspire and play!

In the air of the fine grey, his wings press the wind below. 
Keeping above the film of a backwards play and the streaming of pasts alone. 
He is a memory though, he is the present play. He is the future that lies between predator and prey. 
And I am his wings and he is the grey and all may fall where our eyes may lay. 
The one, the all, the lost and the there, the pieces, the glue and the crying cold air
And I call from inside to hear his song, my song forgotten in the wind, of fear holding on. 
But he is afraid, or not afraid at all...to be unseen, to be known...to be everything, or nothing at all
Sally Smiles
The Crow and the Wind

The Quena Flute

So this is the newest edition to the spiritual tool family and I am so excited!! The Quena, a Peruvian Flute made from Jacaranda wood in the key of G (the key of the throat chakra). 

The first time, my ears laid with the sound of this beautiful instrument, I was mesmerised. 

Much harder to play than the Native American Flute as the mouth needs to be in just the right position for the sound to come. 

I have been guided that this flute will be used in my healing sessions and I cannot wait. 

Video will be uploaded soon for everyone to hear xx


Christine's Tinctures and Essences

Christine has been in a wonderful dance with the plant spirits and has produced these healing flower essences which are for sale at £10 each. If you would like to purchase, please contact me.

Rose Essence:  Healing for Heart Chakra "be gentle with yourself, set boundaries with others, practice self-love" Rose helps balance our emotions and nurture ourselves during life's challenges

Daffodil Essence: Healing for Solar Plexus Chakra "believe in yourself, speak your truth,shine your light". Daffodil helps us with self-esteem, self-confidence and personal power. 

Orchid Flower Essence: Healing for the Sacral Chakra "honor your sensuality, express your creativity, manifest your desires". Orchid helps us clear blocks when it comes to passion and self-expression.

We go way, way back

From the ancients I roam onto a gateway of sparing

Clearing seas of dreams and mouldy dresses of creed,

To come straight to you with my sights on the clearing

Of hopeful sincerity, of dreams and thoughts freed

From branches of time, in times own daring

Left wanting a loss, a gratuitous deed

And I am waiting for the sign, of which you’ll appear in

Costing much upon lust as you do in my needs

You see, it will never be over, this frantic impaling

Of within me I feed from the tough, raucous weeds

And the summer brings light, the sun beams screams and wailings

Of the me I remembered, once an unborn seed

Sally Smiles

I birthed my first drum with these lovely ladies at The Healers Grove. 

I am so in love. 

It is made from Horsehide with an Ash hoop and a Carnelian crystal in the back centre. 

The sound is deep and the spirit is strong, it pushes my centre out before me and my power comes alive. 

Expression, divine feminine and creation is what this drum represents. The coming into myself and I sang from the first moment.


Through the winds I fly towards you, little girl. Through the skies that carry your cries.

And you may wait for my ghost, he will arrive there first, then I'll come landing from the caves dewy eyes.

Not in the jewellery of your soul or in the waters of your skin, will the rustle of the nights prey breed.

As you are one little girl, I have chosen to save, all you have to do is believe.

The sway of the branches summon you as they do me, the building of clouds and moss.

The cold air in your breath and the loudness of your lies, tie me tightly to your heartbroken loss

But I see you little girl. I see you so well, from as far as far could go

I know everything you hide, within yourself lies all the messages you already know

So come with me and fly through the smog, onto the plains of the untouchable breeze

And I will show you the rest of which you need to know, it is there you’ll be finally free

Sally Smiles

The Raven