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Winter Letting Go Ceremony: The Shedding of the Old

7th December 4.30-8pm

The Bisley Yurt

Investment: £35

A ceremony for letting go of that which no longer serves us, opening space for the new. Allow the fire, the plant spirits and channelled healing music to bring into creation the change.

Let us sit in ceremony together and call on our higher selves to guide us what we are in need to let go of. Be in a space of honoring the process and in acceptance of the release. There is beauty in giving thanks. Winter teaches us how to work deep within so we can come up renewed and reborn.

The Evening will include: 

Fire Letting Go Ceremony

Plant Spirit Medicine Connection with the Plant to help you let go and be your guide

Channelled Ancestral Healing Music

Collective Honoring

and more...

Healing the Heart and Empower the Soul

With Gwen Allison of My Spiritual Butterfly

29th February 2020 12pm-6pm

The Bisley Yurt

Investment £55

Join us on a special journey to heal the heart and empower the soul.

We will spend the day gently releasing that which hinders us from living in our heart space, the space of forgiveness, relationships, emotions, compassion, self acceptance and unconditional love.

You will be guided through Reiki meditations, receive Medicine Song Healing, embrace heart healing activities and connecting with the Pant Spirit Medicine of Rose...all to travel through the Chakra's and expand the heart.

Let us softly acknowledge and let go with nurturing togetherness, healing energy and medicine song.

The Day will include:

Reiki Energy Bath: To travel through the Chakra's and expand the Heart

Plant Spirit Medicine Sound Journey, connection and healing with Rose and Tulsi 

Collective heart to heart meditation 

Spirit Medicine for the Heart & Intuitive Self Healing

Medicine Song with Voice, Native American Flute and the Shamanic Drum

Bringing the Voice of the Heart into Creation

Reiki Heart Circle 

Trust in Movement 

Fore Letting Go Ceremony

and more....

Women's Winter Medicine Retreat

24th November 10am-5pm 

The Bisley Yurt

Investment: £65

A special day for Women to Connect with this beautiful time of year, to the relationship of Winter and it's medicine in relation to our own cycle, the Celtic Medicine Wheel, the Element of Earth and inner depth.
We will connect with the plant spirit medicines most potent at this time of year, heal with Mother Earth and retreat within for nurture, insight and touch the depths of our beings.
Let us remember what Winter means for our rhythms, our natural understanding of ourselves and the land we live on. Honor your own process with the season and find out what its medicine holds for you.
A deeply healing day, one of connection, inspiration and honoring.

The day will include:

Shamanic Sound Journey with Native instruments to meet the Spirit of Winter
Becoming acquainted with the Celtic Medicine Wheel, the seasons and the elements, the ancient knowledge held within them and going deeper with Winter
Earth spirit Connection
Make your own healing Winter Vibrational Essence
Receive Plant Spirit Medicine Music Healing with the Plant Medicines most potent at this time of year.

and more

Songs of the Plants

Healing Medicine

30th November 2019 

7th March 2020

30th November 2020


Investment £35

Caer Corhrain Shamanic Centre

Come and take a journey into the spirit world of the plants as we surrender ourselves to their ancient teaching wisdom and healing ways.
In this workshop, we will dive deep into plant spirit medicine music to connect with, honour and celebrate the native plants of this land and their relationship to the Celtic medicine wheel, the seasons, the elements and our own internal landscapes.
Each plant spirit has its own unique frequency that will sing to you.

Throughout the day there is a plant spirit journey where you will get antiquated with the spirit of the plant and learn how to tune into it thus building a relationship.
You will learn how to make a vibration plant essence.


The Empowered Self: Embody your Inner Light

25th Janruary 2020 10am-5pm

The Bisley Yurt

Investment £65

A day of empowerment and aligning ourselves with our soul's purpose. Listen to the whispers of your heart, hear your soul's song and embody the light within. Release the barriers of doubt and become your own healer.

An area close to my own heart and experience, many of us can resonate with feeling dis-empowered at some point in our lives. In many ways, it has become too easy to "give" our power away or feel the loss of it. This workshop is a call to bring it back. 

Let us embark on a journey of self-discovery, enquiry and deep healing to repair the wounds left by dis-empowerment. If we can understand our own responsibility and and the part we have played in such events or dynamics, we can begin to regain ourselves and our empowered wholeness. 

Allow spirit to guide your journey back to yourself. 

The Day will include: 

A journey to source where to begin with regaining your power

Receive a Plant Ally for the day to guide you 

Channeled Ancestral Medicine Music to feel the support of those who came before you

Receive Healing and call back your power

Letting go Ceremony

Make your own Empowerment Vibrational Essence

And more...